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Is Your Computer Infected?

Is your computer running slow? Are there unfamiliar icons on your desktop? Is there no end to the pop-ups plaguing your computer? If you could answer yes to all, or even on of these questions, there’s a chance your computer might be infected. There are a few tell-tale signs that you can look for when determining if your computer is really just that slow, or if an infection is the root of your problems\

The most noticeable, and most common sign of an infection is pop-ups. Now when you get a few pop-ups while browsing the internet, that doesn’t necessarily mean an infection, as a fair number of websites come equip with pop-up ads. But when they start appearing when you’re not on the internet, or start appearing way too frequently, you might be infected.

You may also be able to spot an infection by checking out your internet browser. Whether it be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox there are some obvious signs to look for. Perhaps the most obvious sign you would notice right away is a different homepage. Some infections will hijack your internet browser and change your homepage to something else. Another sign closely related to this one is random redirects, you may click on a link you find in Google and be redirected to a completely different link by the malware that’s infected your system. Some other notable signs include, abundance of toolbars, browser extensions you don’t remember adding, or your web browser freezing or becoming unresponsive.  

If you’ve noticed any of these signs on your computer, there’s a good chance that it’s infected with some kind of malware. Lucky for you, Computers on the Run is here to help you. Just bring you computer to use and we can clean those nasty infections and set you up with the latest and greatest anti virus. Call us or stop in today!


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