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Benefits of an MSP

According to research done by CompTIA,a global IT trade association, More and more organizations are turning to managed service providers to handle aspects of their businesses such as email hosting, network and application monitoring, cloud backup/recovery, and cloud computing solutions. MSPs are becoming a more popular solution to a company’s constant need for technology support.

There are a few driving forces behind this switch to Managed Service Providers for providing IT support. The main one being the improvement in efficiency and reliability of IT operations that comes with switching to a MSP. This factor was the main reason for 47% of companies with less than 100 employees to switch to a Managed Service Provider over a traditional IT staff. Another important factor that is driving 38% of companies to turn to an MSP, is the enhanced security and compliance. Statements released by CompTIA reports that nearly ⅔ of companies surveyed by CompTIA has used at least some form of MSP within the past 12 months.

Bringing in a Managed Service Provider to handle all of your IT needs can help to provide peace of mind to any business. C.O.R is proud to be a local Managed Service Provider. If you’re interested in learning about the services we provide please read some of our other articles detailing the managed services we provide, call us today at (308) 381-0561.


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