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HoloLens Holoportation

Microsoft recently unveiled it’s take on teleportation, coined “holoportation” instead of physically sending you anywhere in the world, it transmits a 3D model of you. Using a large array of cameras, your likeness is scanned, compressed, and transmitted to an augmented reality head-mounted display, like Microsoft’s HoloLens. Allowing the wearer of the HoloLens to see and interact with remote users as if they were in the same space.

While this technology is promising and shows a huge leap in the way technology helps us interact with each other. This groundbreaking technology is still in its early stages, Microsoft has only stated that the HoloLens will see a commercial release during Windows 10’s lifetime, which could mean that it’s still a few years off. Microsoft has also released that the headset’s development kit will drop with a whopping price tag of $3,000. Meaning that this technology is even further from a consumer release, but it is still a promising technology that could revolutionize the way we interact with our world.

Below is a short video released by Microsoft showing off the capabilities of the HoloLens Holoportation


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