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Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe

Securing information on your computer is very important, as we use our computers for just about everything and much of that information is saved somewhere on your computer. That information could be anything from financial and banking records to treasured family pictures. Which is all information that you definitely wouldn’t want someone else, such as a hacker, to have access to. Below are a few tips and suggestions that will help deter anyone trying to breach your computer and keep your information safe and in your own hands.

Keep your operating system and any other programs you use up to date. This will stop hackers from gaining access through vulnerabilities that may exist in outdated programs.

Download an antivirus program and keep it up-to-date as well. This is integral to keeping your computer secure as an antivirus is usually your first line of defense against intrusion.

Protect your wifi with an encrypted password. If you leave your wifi connection open it’s far too easy for a hacker to hijack your connection and wreak havoc on it.

Password protect your phone and mobile devices. Most mobile devices are very easily secured, especially devices that allow for biometric authentication, like fingerprint readers, so it’s a no-brainer when it comes to securing your device.

Create difficult passwords, and change them frequently. This will make it much harder for a hacker to brute force any of your passwords.Avoid using the same password for multiple services, as if one gets breached then any other services using the same password may be compromised as well.

Be smart when it comes to surfing and emailing. If you receive unsolicited emails from addresses you’re not familiar, it’s best to avoid them, as it may be an attempt to get sensitive information from you.


Following all of these tips should help make your computer a much safe place, and you’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing your data is safe and sound, and not in the hands of someone else.

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