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24×7 Monitoring with Managed Services

A managed service provider constantly monitors a customer’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. C.O.R is now a Managed Service Provider. We now offer a 24×7 monitoring service as well as many other managed service plans to fit your IT needs.

24×7 monitoring can help to detect hardware and software issues in advance and take action. As well as providing enhanced protection from pesky malware, and spyware. This service is also useful for monitoring activity at any time on your network and notifying you of any suspicious activities that might be going on within your network. These preventative actions protect your IT systems from harm and loss of data. On top of this, with constant monitoring combined with experience, judgement, and technology we can chart a system’s performance and determine whether it is performing optimally or not. All of these will lead to your network working at peak efficiency 24×7 and reduce downtime of other computer systems.

If you’re interested in keeping your systems running at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime then you’ll want C.O.R Managed Services and 24×7 monitoring on your side. Contact us today to find out how C.O.R Managed Services can work for you or your business.

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