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Password Security

Passwords can sometimes be hard to remember, especially when you have multiple different passwords, so writing them down and storing them in your household sounds like a safe and secure location. However, it isn’t; in fact, it’s just as easy for someone to get your password online as it is just walking into your house and grabbing the paper. How is that possible? Keyloggers and phishing sites. It’s highly recommended to keep all of your password information safe, even by storing them on your computer.

Keyloggers and phishing sites allow hackers the ability to grab your password without you ever knowing who has taken it. A keylogger is a program that hides in your computer and sends to the hacker every button you press. This means that if you type your password into a site online, they are given each button pressed, and therefore getting your password. Another is phishing sites. Typing a website’s name wrong, or clicking a look-alike site (for example, “” instead of “”). These sites typically look identical to the actual sites, but aren’t. As you try to log into your email and input your email/password, you’ll be redirected to look exactly as if you’ve logged in. But they have your password now. Double-check URLs and websites before visiting and make sure they are correct.

Changing passwords frequently and setting monthly reminders to update your password is a great way to prevent account theft. The change of a password will usually boot everyone, except the computer with the new password, out of the email so they no longer have access. There are still holes in this type of security, again with keyloggers, that just give them the new password.

The most stable and secure option for storing passwords is to download a password manager, such as LastPass, which can save passwords and security information on your computer without allowing access from outside connections. This can allow you to automatically sign into websites, automatically fill out information (like your credit card), or any other types of required information. This means your computer isn’t storing saved passwords on the web browser, you don’t have to type out your passwords on each site, and you can still log in without issues remembering passwords.

Lastly, make sure that your password is of a great length and includes numbers. Doing so, there are many more combinations and those who know you will never even guess correctly. For example, instead of using “myPassword” (which is so easy to gain access to), try “myyP4ssw0rd37”. Who’s going to guess that?

Password security should be a top-priority, especially in businesses and companies, and everyone should take just a few minutes to make sure they are safe from account theft.



Office 365

Used for businesses, colleges, schools, and personal use all around the globe, Office 365 is a productive set of software with many purposes. Office 365 supports online storage using “OneDrive” and can operate on almost any system, including Windows and Mac. Files, such as PowerPoints or SpreadSheets, can be shared to multiple users and collaboratively edited. Office 365 will soon be updated to include higher protection, even with custom encryption methods, discussed soon.

Office 365 allows users to use software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Lync, InfoPath, and Office Online. These tools can help promote efficiency on professional tasks, and can come with templates and pre-created files for easy-to-use quality.

If you would like to save files to use throughout multiple devices, Office 365 allows you to do so as well. “How is this possible?” you may be asking. With OneDrive. OneDrive is a service that enables saving files, without saving files locally on your computer. They are stored within the Microsoft storage center and can be accessed from any computer with access.

Soon, Microsoft will be updating their security systems to be even more advanced than they already are, and will allow users to create their own custom safety keys. This will make it so no one can grab an important or private file of yours and view it — it will only be accessible through your computer or those manually given rights to.

With the advanced Office 365 software available, we highly suggest you set up a plan, especially for business, with us. We, at Computers on the Run, can help set up Office products and get everything required ready to operate. If you would like to receive more information, would like to receive the Office applications, or have any questions, you could contact us and we would be happy to help.

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Virus Protection

Computers, much alike many other devices, are constantly surrounded by viruses and data loss. If you’ve ever had an issue with your PC, including abnormally slow speeds, your device may have issues that should be dealt with immediately!

Here at Computers on the Run, not only do we know how to remove viruses and infectious software, we can help to prevent them as well! We can also help you to make sure all of your files are safely stored to be restored in case of virus attacks.

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Project Spartan

With the soon-to-be-release of Windows 10 comes the new Windows browser, codenamed Project Spartan, as a lightweight browser with ActiveX implementation for modern-use between mobile and PC compatibility.
Project Spartan will include a number of unique browser features, including Cortana, annotation tools, and reading mode.

What is Cortana? “Not what, but who.” Cortana is the new “personal assistant” which will be operable through Windows or Project Spartan. She (Cortana) can be relatively similar to Siri, the Apple assistant, and can help you with any needs such as setting alarms, taking notes, finding nearby restaurants, telling you the weather, looking at flight paths, telling jokes, and much more. Cortana can be used through text or voice. What’s very cool is that she even recognizes your voice, too! This means that people cannot walk nearby your phone and use her (by talking) without permission.

Okay so Cortana sounds pretty cool.. But what else does Windows 10 offer us? Annotation tools. A few of these tools are drawing on web pages, even collaboratively with groups of people, taking notes, and attaching reviews to websites.
If you are reading an online book, review, blog, or anything with text, Windows 10’s Project Spartan will even come with “Reading Mode.”

Reading Mode is a feature that allows users to efficiently read pages like a book. This strips content, such as advertisements and images, out of the page and displays all text like a book for easy-reading. Along with this, you will also be able to save pages, read them offline, and even sync them across multiple supported mobile devices.

We are definitely excited to see Windows 10 and Project Spartan grow into something very beautiful in the near-future. To receive help upgrading your system from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10, you can contact us, at Computers on the Run, for information after Windows 10 has been officially released.

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Computer hard drives do sometimes happen to fail or die. If you’ve ever had this happen, then you realize how big of a pain it is to recover every file that was important to you; whether that be a receipt in a text document, a spreadsheet for work, or even a file save data. There are many ways that your computer can be stolen, lost, or ruined. Maybe you even decided to get a new computer, but don’t want to waste time manually transferring every single file. We really suggest you look into getting an automated off-site backup plan!

Affordably, there are ways to protect your computer from ever losing important files, which you need access to. Carbonite is a cloud-based system that keeps all of your files secure, and against hackers or viruses! You can even access your files directly from a different computer, of course, securely.

”Well, let’s just say that not using the cloud is the equivalent of keeping your money in your mattress. Storing your data in a professionally managed data center means it is given the proper TLC and attention it needs — redundant disk arrays, temperature controlled environments, backup power generators and more.” It’s always better to be safe than sorry! You wouldn’t want to lose family pictures, road-trip videos, or important work files you’d been working so hard on.

Not only can Carbonite be used for personal computers, it can also be used for protecting your business computers or servers. There is so much information on one business computer that you can absolutely not afford to lose something so important. No longer do you need to stay up all night wondering about how you will ever get your documents back without having to redo all of the hard work.

For protecting your important data from corruption or disaster, contact us today. We will get you set up with the Carbonite automate off-site backup plan that is right for you.

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Kelly Supply Co.


“We have been purchasing a wide range of technology products from Computers On The Run (COR) for over 10 years. These local purchases give us great local support, high quality and great performance. The team at COR has never shied away from doing research for a special project and their prices are very competitive in the market place. On top of this, the staff at COR is friendly and prompt. As a purchaser of technology products for Kelly Supply Company and KDSI, I would (and do) highly recommend COR to anyone!”

-Steven G. Spencer, Network Administrator


Grand Island Surgery Center


“Computers on the Run has provided Grand Island Surgery Center with fantastic service for several years! COR is quick to respond, very knowledgeable and provides us with our every IT need. Any time we have issues or questions, we can count on Computers on the Run to help us. They have made a huge difference compared to previous companies we worked with.” 

-Linda Rivera, Office Manager




Taking after the CryptoLocker, OphionLocker is much more recent and just as dangerous. “Your important files you have on this computer have been encrypted: photos, videos, documents, etc.” it states before continuing “From now on you have 72 hours to pay or the key will be permanently deleted from our server and you won’t EVER get your files back. Please go to: …” as it prompts you to a payment link.

I know what you’re thinking; “Why can’t we just track them down?” It sounds much simpler than it actually is — programs and sites with such dangerous content can limit their personal vulnerabilities in so many ways it could be nearly impossible to ever find the owner. Similarly, they cannot be tracked through payment plans. This is due to the fact that they only accept Bitcoins and MoneyPak. These types of currency have no direct sharing address, and are completely untraceable funds.

OphionLocker encrypts important files, removing any access opening the files as well as corrupting them from 3rd party software (image editors, viewers, readers, etc), giving the key to remove the encryption only after paying 1 bitcoin (currently worth $233.23 USD) or anywhere from $200-thousands of dollars using MoneyPak. After a 72-hour period, there have been multiple cases where the key would destroy, and your files could never be accessed directly again (without restorations). Other times, the price for the key would triple until paid.

Removing these types of viruses without damaging files or information can be a tricky process if not handled correctly. It is highly suggested not to pay these virus “companies” as they rarely decrypt your files back to normal.

Preventing these dirty viruses is not easy.. Bring your computer to us, at Computers on the Run, to secure your information in case of attack. If you do get the OphionLocker, we can also help to restore your computer!

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Net Neutrality

While recently watching Netflix, have you discovered a faster network without the usual buffering? This may be due to the fact that the FCC had released net neutrality rules to internet services and providers.

If you aren’t familiar with net neutrality, it basically means that if you want to watch Netflix, you should be able to do so without having your internet slow down purposely because they want you to use Hulu Plus instead. A comparable situation without net neutrality would be that a phone company could drop your call to Pizza Hut, but continue your call perfectly to Dominos Pizza.
You may be asking yourself “why was this legal?” or “why would they do this?” Many service providers favor one business over another, and could cut down connection speeds just for using a service they didn’t like regardless how much you do like said business. This gave companies an unfair advantage over newer and growing services, mostly streaming connections.

Approved by the FCC, internet providers must not slow connections any longer, and they must now give full, and equal, connection to all users of their internet services.