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“Computers on the Run has provided Grand Island Surgery Center with fantastic service for several years! COR is quick to respond, very knowledgeable and provides us with our every IT need. Any time we have issues or questions, we can count on Computers on the Run to help us. They have made a huge difference compared to previous companies we worked with.” 

-Linda Rivera, Office Manager




Taking after the CryptoLocker, OphionLocker is much more recent and just as dangerous. “Your important files you have on this computer have been encrypted: photos, videos, documents, etc.” it states before continuing “From now on you have 72 hours to pay or the key will be permanently deleted from our server and you won’t EVER get your files back. Please go to: …” as it prompts you to a payment link.

I know what you’re thinking; “Why can’t we just track them down?” It sounds much simpler than it actually is — programs and sites with such dangerous content can limit their personal vulnerabilities in so many ways it could be nearly impossible to ever find the owner. Similarly, they cannot be tracked through payment plans. This is due to the fact that they only accept Bitcoins and MoneyPak. These types of currency have no direct sharing address, and are completely untraceable funds.

OphionLocker encrypts important files, removing any access opening the files as well as corrupting them from 3rd party software (image editors, viewers, readers, etc), giving the key to remove the encryption only after paying 1 bitcoin (currently worth $233.23 USD) or anywhere from $200-thousands of dollars using MoneyPak. After a 72-hour period, there have been multiple cases where the key would destroy, and your files could never be accessed directly again (without restorations). Other times, the price for the key would triple until paid.

Removing these types of viruses without damaging files or information can be a tricky process if not handled correctly. It is highly suggested not to pay these virus “companies” as they rarely decrypt your files back to normal.

Preventing these dirty viruses is not easy.. Bring your computer to us, at Computers on the Run, to secure your information in case of attack. If you do get the OphionLocker, we can also help to restore your computer!

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Net Neutrality

While recently watching Netflix, have you discovered a faster network without the usual buffering? This may be due to the fact that the FCC had released net neutrality rules to internet services and providers.

If you aren’t familiar with net neutrality, it basically means that if you want to watch Netflix, you should be able to do so without having your internet slow down purposely because they want you to use Hulu Plus instead. A comparable situation without net neutrality would be that a phone company could drop your call to Pizza Hut, but continue your call perfectly to Dominos Pizza.
You may be asking yourself “why was this legal?” or “why would they do this?” Many service providers favor one business over another, and could cut down connection speeds just for using a service they didn’t like regardless how much you do like said business. This gave companies an unfair advantage over newer and growing services, mostly streaming connections.

Approved by the FCC, internet providers must not slow connections any longer, and they must now give full, and equal, connection to all users of their internet services.


Viruses? Let us clean it up.




Malware (including viruses, worms, and trojans) come in a variety of different forms.  They can also infect your computer in many ways; opening an email, downloading a file online, or even visiting an unreliable website. However, there’s a new trojan being spread around, unfortunately, quite quickly. Meet the CryptoLocker. While some viruses target your computer to display annoying advertisements or slow your computer performance, this one does neither of those. Here’s some information about the evil malware.

Mostly sent through email attachments and found on phishing sites, the CryptoLocker does exactly as the name implies: Encrypts files, and locks them. Encrypting refers to changing  something into an unreadable format, which can be decrypted, or undone, yet is very difficult for higher encrypted methods. For example, you have a file named “Important.txt” and inside is  some information you were storing. Inside this files says “Don’t forget to…” Once encrypted, the  contents of the file may read “Yabdon[]sg usdhorgasbc jdso…” Looks strange, but this is  encrypting the data. D would turn into Yabd, apostrophe to [], T to sg, and so on. Reversing this  action is possible by turning Yabd to D, [] to apostrophe, sg back to T. This is decrypting.


As all of your files become encrypted, or corrupt, the only way to even open any files,  important data or even system information, is to pay money to the malware operators. They give a time limit, typically 100 hours, to input your credit information to a pop-up or pay using bitcoins  (digital currency, used on online purchases or video games). After paying the required amount  of $300, you’re lead to believe they will give you an activation key and your files will be restored  to normal again (decrypted to the original state). The operators of the CryptoLocker received  over $3million, as of January 16, 2015, and not everyone who pays will even get their files back. Some reports say that after paying, the code never appears and the computer must be restored.

There currently are no tools to help rid the CryptoLocker without locking your content  forever. So currently the only way to stop the CryptoLocker is by preventing it. To prevent from such a harmful virus, you could bring your computer to us, at Computers on the Run, to secure your information in case of attack. If you do get the CryptoLocker, we can also help to restore your computer

Contact us at: (308) 381-0561
3415 W State St, Grand Island, NE 68803


We’re Hiring


Are you an energetic, professional IT candidate looking to utilize your skills with a growing company? We are hiring for a Service Tech / Sales Specialist in our office. Duties include computer diagnostics, new computer builds and recommending appropriate products or services. We value self-motivated, customer focused, driven, knowledgeable IT professionals. This position will be 35-38 hours per week, including some Saturdays. Benefits include health insurance and paid time off.

Please send your résumé to



So Your Computer Is Slow….

We have all run across a common situation. That computer you bought just a couple of years ago used to work just fine and meet all of your needs, but lately it is acting sluggish or other things are going on with it. You may even be thinking it is time to buy a new computer. While we are always thrilled to help you purchase a new computer to meet your needs, maybe this is not the case.

Since purchasing the computer, have you performed any regular preventative maintenance checks? Your computer is a highly engineered piece of equipment, and just like your car, it needs regular maintenance checks to be able to operate at its best. Imagine how your car would run if you didn’t change the oil for two years?

Our technicians are able to perform a wide array of maintenance checks and tasks on your machine that will ensure that your computer works at its best so that you are able to enjoy the technology and use it to its potential. Some of the many tasks we perform include: hardware tests, virus and spyware checks, system tweaks to optimize performance, and many others.

We look forward to helping you to optimize your system, and from now until June 30, 2014, mention the code CLEAN14  or tell us that you saw this article online and receive $10 off of the cost of a preventative maintenance check/optimization (limit one per customer).

Thank you for allowing Computers on the Run to be your technology resource in Central Nebraska.


Windows 8.1

If you already have Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is very simple. It will be the first app you see every time you open the Windows Store and the installation happens very quickly.

You don’t have to reinstall your desktop applications or your Windows Store apps, and all your files are still there (as are libraries and the icons pinned to your taskbar).

If you have Windows 7 (or earlier versions), you have to install Windows 8 (the same process as when Windows 8 first came out) and then upgrade to Windows 8.1.

If you need assistance with getting your computer updated to 8.1 please give the experts a call at Computers On The Run for remote assistance or drop your computer off at our service center.


Ransomware Virus

FBI Moneypak virus is a ransomware infection. This virus displays a misleading alert looking like a legitimate notification sent by the Federal Bureu of Investigation. It locks your system down so that you can’t do anything about it. These scammers want your money. They expect you to believe that you have been ‘illegally watching copyrighted content and now you have to pay a ‘fine’ through Moneypak service’. The victim is usually asked to go to Walmart or Walgreens stores to make a payment. Even if you have an anti-virus program such as Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc. you can still get this virus. The best safeguard to prevent against getting this and other viruses is to be careful and aware of what you are clicking on. Be sure to read before you click. Another tip is to use an alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Computers On The Run recommends Google Chrome. If you do get infected with this or any other virus take your computer to the experts at Computers On The Run.